We Make Work Happier

Many people adhere to the cultural expectation that work is going to suck. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, work can be the happiest part of your employee’s day! And it is absolutely worth the investment to create more happiness for your employees. 

When a company has happy employees:

Task accuracy improves


Productivity goes up


Sales increase


What Does it Mean to Make Work Happier?

Think about a typical Monday morning in any business you’ve ever worked in. What was it like as people walked in the door? What was the overall mood? In general, how happy were the employees?

Do you have that picture in your head?

Now, imagine walking into work on a Monday morning and every person — including you — is genuinely happy to be there. How would productivity be different? What would change about how the teams communicate? What would engagement levels look like?

As a culture, we just assume that work is going to suck for most people. Work is work. It’s not supposed to be enjoyable. This is why we spend so much time talking about work-life balance.

Life is good. Work is not.

Does that really have to be the case, though? Why can’t work be good or even great? Why can’t we adjust our company cultures to create happiness in the lives of everyone there?

Happiness is crucial to how we view the world, how we work, and how we cope with challenges. Increasing our collective happiness is one of the most important things we can do, especially right now.

Signature Programs

We offer a unique combination of coaching, consulting, and technology to help you achieve your business goals. We offer signature programs as well as fully customized programs that can be used at any level within your organization.

Increasing Employee Happiness

Happiness is the foundational measure of how successful an organization will truly be. Happiness drives engagement, productivity, retention, and ultimately the bottom line. If you’re like most companies, you have no tools for measuring and improving employee happiness. We have the tools and skill to accurately measure and powerfully improve the happiness within your organization.

Culture Transformation Harrison Latham Signature Program

94% of executives know that company culture directly affects their bottom line, but only 31% believe their culture is driving the org forward and even fewer know how to effectively transform culture. Our culture transformation program provides a roadmap that will transform your culture in deliberate and long-lasting ways that will help you meet your strategic goals while creating more employee happiness.

Developing New Leaders Harrison Latham Signature Program

Your leaders are key to your organization’s success (or failure). Traditional leadership development rarely addresses happiness, but research clearly shows happiness and high quality leadership are intimately intertwined. Our program quantifies the happiness levels of your leaders and brings proven workshops and coaching to holistically develop strong leadership skills.

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