Happiness is the foundational measure of how successful an organization will truly be. Happiness drives engagement, productivity, retention, and ultimately the bottom line. Your organization is entirely dependent on your people.

Happiness at Work Matters

Increasing Employee Happiness

A truly successful organization has happy employees at every level. Happy employees work harder. Happy people take pride in their work. Happy people believe in the purpose of the organization and drive it forward. And data tells us happy sales people sell 37% more than their unhappy counterparts.

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Employee Happiness

Common sense tells us that happy people do better work. And data backs that up. Every part of your organization is affected positively when you intentionally create a culture of happiness. Retention rates increase. Productivity goes up. Task accuracy increases. Sales go up.  The data proves over and over again that an intentional focus on employee happiness creates success across every business strategy.

Happiness might feel like a weird thing to talk about in a business setting and an even weirder thing to try to measure and manage strategically. Most companies don’t have the internal resources to even begin to think about employee happiness. This is where Harrison Latham shines! We understand how to measure employee happiness, how to get to the root of existing employee unhappiness, and how to increase happiness in ways that will help you meet your business goals.

Increasing Employee Happiness Program Deliverables

Internal Communication Tools

We’ll give you the tools you need to bring everyone on board and gain alignment for the program, set expectations, get everyone excited (and keep everyone excited!) about the program.

Monthly Cohorts for Key Leaders

These guided group discussions provide feedback, support, and ongoing enthusiasm for your leaders’ growth and work. Increasing communication skills is key to this program and these monthly cohorts provide opportunities for significant growth. Each cohort is limited to 8 or fewer leaders.

Technology: Friday Pulse

This is a company-wide tool to measure and create more happiness among your employees as well as develop leadership and communication skills with your managers. The weekly Happiness KPI measurements will drive the discussions during the monthly cohorts.

Measuring and increasing employee happiness doesn’t have to be complicated. We have tools to help and ways to work with orgs to put employee happiness where it belongs in your cultural mix. We make it easy for your company to see increases in every measure of success.

Download a printable PDF with info about the Harrison Latham Increasing Employee Happiness program.

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Let’s Talk About Your Employees’ Happiness

You Have Challenges. We Have Solutions

Employee happiness doesn’t have to feel like an unsolvable puzzle. There are solutions to the pressing problems that come with unhappy employees.

If you haven’t specifically focused on employee happiness before, moving into the “new normal” is the perfect time. Your employees are stressed and burnt out and all too willing to leave the org.

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