Executive and Leadership Coaching is no longer a nice-to-have benefit at companies. Every leader benefits from coaching as they navigate the choppy waters of the workplace. And coaching offers huge returns on investment. Set your people and your organization up for success with Harrison Latham coaches. 

What is Executive and Leadership Coaching?

Our coaches help you figure out what drives you and your passion. We will use that throughout your coaching engagement to continue to deeply connect you with your purpose. We work with you to set goals, discover and overcome obstacles, chart and navigate your path all while acting as your biggest cheerleader and number one supporter.

Your Harrison Latham coach is your perfect partner.Our clients leave every coaching session feeling excited, engaged, and eager to put what they’ve learned into practice.

A Few Benefits of Executive Coaching

Here are a few things our clients have reported from working with Harrison Latham Coaches.

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Better problem solving abilities
  • Higher levels of empathy and compassion for self and others
  • Lower levels of conflict
  • Increased levels of motivation and productivity
  • Increased self-awareness and social skills
  • Renewed sense of passion and purpose
  • Excitement about their future and all the possibilities in front of them
  • Having bigger dreams and bigger visions for their organization and their own personal lives
  • Better home life and better personal relationships
  • Healthier physical and emotional habits
  • Greater understanding of the people they work with and for
  • Stronger decision making skills
  • Uncovering and learning to manage personal baggage that affects their work

“Aimee is the BEST coach! I have a tendency to overthink, which can sometimes lead to long and convoluted answers to her insightful questions. She has a unique talent to listen to my rambling and then help me see EXACTLY what’s blocking me.

Every single time we’ve met over the last 9 months, I’ve had a breakthrough. Her intuitive insights are spot on, allowing me to feel heard, understood, and accepted through every step of my journey as her client. If you’re looking for a coach who truly HEARS you, look no further than Aimee. She will help you reach heights you didn’t know you could reach.”

— Hilary C | Chicago, USA

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Let’s Talk About Coaching

A coaching investment in your leadership is one of the best business investments you'll make this year

Coaching is the standard in US business. Let’s ensure your success through coaching for your leaders. It’s good for them, it’s good for their teams, it’s good for the organization.

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