We offer a number of signature programs that can be used exactly as listed or customized to meet your unique challenges. All Harrison Latham programs use a combination of coaching, consulting, and technology to drive impactful, lasting results for organizations.

NOTE: All programs can be delivered virtually, in person, or hybrid.

Increasing Employee Happiness | Signature Program

Increasing Employee HappinessHappiness is the foundational measure of how successful an organization will truly be. Happiness drives engagement, productivity, retention, and ultimately the bottom line. Your organization is entirely dependent on your people. We can accurately measure and powerfully improve the happiness within your organization.

You can’t afford to ignore employee happiness.

Common sense tells us that happy people do better work. And data backs that up. Every part of your organization is affected positively when you intentionally create a culture of happiness. Retention rates increase. Productivity goes up. Task accuracy increases. Sales go up.  The data proves over and over again that an intentional focus on employee happiness creates success across every business strategy.

Developing New Leaders | Signature Program

Developing New Leaders Harrison Latham Signature Program

Your leaders are key to your organization’s success (or failure). Depending on the stats you look at, you’ll find 50% to 70% of all new leaders fail within their first 18 months. Investing in the development of your new leaders will set them up for success, keep them in their roles, and ultimately save the organization a lot of money.

Do your new leaders have the tools to succeed?

Traditional leadership development rarely addresses happiness, but research clearly shows happiness and high quality leadership are intimately intertwined. Our program quantifies the happiness levels of your leaders and brings proven workshops and coaching to holistically develop the skills your leaders need to be successful in your organization.

Executive Coaching | Signature Program

Executive CoachingExecutive and Leadership Coaching is no longer a nice-to-have benefit at companies. Every leader benefits from coaching as they navigate the choppy waters of the workplace. And coaching offers huge returns on investment. Set your people and your organization up for success with Harrison Latham coaches.

What is Executive and Leadership Coaching?

Our coaches help you figure out what drives you and your passion. We will use that throughout your coaching engagement to continue to deeply connect you with your purpose. We work with you to set goals, discover and overcome obstacles, chart and navigate your path all while acting as your biggest cheerleader and number one supporter.

Your Harrison Latham coach is your perfect partner.Our clients leave every coaching session feeling excited, engaged, and eager to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Culture Transformation | Signature Program

Culture Transformation Harrison Latham Signature ProgramCompany culture can grow in unhealthy and toxic ways when it is not intentionally shaped and guided. This can happen even in great companies. Culture can take a hit when an organization expands very quickly or changes direction to meet market needs, or when there is a global pandemic and everything gets flipped upside down and sideways!

When it’s time to evaluate and address company culture, you want a methodical and thoughtful approach to create meaningful and lasting change. 

We help you understand your actual, current culture and how it is serving or not serving your strategy. We help you define your optimal culture which is the culture that will drive the results of your organizational strategy. And, we help you understand your desired culture. This is the culture your people want, but don’t have.

We use the wisdom of ancient Polynesian wayfinders to guide our culture transformation process. Wayfinders knew certain elements were crucial for a successful voyage to a new land: the entire village was involved, they had a clear course strategy, they fully understood how to monitor their route along the way, and they knew how to determine when they had arrived.

Custom Strategies & Programs

Custom Strategies

Whatever your particular situation, you need a way to clearly define and quantify the challenges so that a sensible, custom strategy can be developed to address those challenges with long-lasting results.

Custom problems need custom solutions.

You don’t need another consultant selling another flash-in-the-pan program. You need solutions that keep the vision and goals of the company in primary focus while solving the blocks and problems in the way.

You Have Challenges

We Have Solutions

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