Employee Happiness Workshop Series

led by Aimee Bucher

DATES: Monday, October 2 — Thursday, October 5, 2023
15:00 – 18:30
LOCATION: Casa Fuster | Pg. de Gràcia, 132 Barcelona
INVESTMENT: €995 per participant

Ideal for managers, directors, & leaders, but useful for employees at every level

It’s Time to Learn How to Create More Happiness for Your Employees

Employee happiness hit an all-time low at the beginning of the pandemic. We’ve recovered quite a bit, but many issues and problems remain. Being intentional about helping your employees create more happiness has big dividends in every aspect of the organization from productivity to retention and even sales. More importantly, working to intentionally increase happiness for your employees has a ripple effect that will continue outward in each person’s circle of connections.

Join Aimee Bucher for this 4-day series of workshops. We’re going to look at various elements that increase employee happiness including communication, difficult conversations, and psychological safety. You’ll get the tools to create a better organization while creating happier lives for your people. 

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“In 40 years of Governance and Business Transactions practice with clients of all sizes and locations, Aimee’s method of putting across so many crucial points is THE best I’ve seen.”

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Monday: Discerning and Increasing Employee Happiness

Happiness is the foundational measure of how successful an organization will truly be. Happiness drives engagement, productivity, retention, and ultimately the bottom line. Your organization is entirely dependent on your people. In this workshop we examine the primary factors that influence employee happiness, how to accurately measure and interpret data about employee happiness, and the steps toward building a culture of happiness in your organization.

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Tuesday: Effective Communication at Every Level

Effective communication is fundamental to every aspect of a successful organization. Participants will learn the seven levels of effective communication and how to use this framework in various communication scenarios. We will review the three types of listening: subjective, objective, and holistic and practice implementing these types of listening. We’ll examine a few best practices for the primary forms of expression: verbal, nonverbal, and written. By the end of this workshop, participants will have an actionable plan for improving their personal and professional communication styles.

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Wednesday: Navigating Difficult Conversations

Avoiding difficult conversations will undermine a leader’s ability to lead at any level. This workshop is designed to help participants learn to navigate these conversations, embrace the value of conflict in both planned and unplanned difficult conversations. We will look at elements to consider with conversations including preparation, timing, context, empathy, framing, focus, and more. Participants will gain an understanding of their levels of Emotional Intelligence and how this impacts their approach and success with difficult conversations. We will discuss the significance of personal and professional boundaries in the context of difficult conversations. Participants will develop a plan for improving their effectiveness in managing challenging situations and conversations.

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Thursday: Increasing Psychological Safety & Trust in the Workplace

When employees feel safe at work, they are more engaged, they are more productive, they are happier, they are more likely to stay with the organization, they are more likely to promote the organization. The list goes on and on. Successful organizations intentionally work to create psychological safety for their employees. This workshop covers several elements that create a safe work environment including transparency, authenticity, consistency, expectations, framing, and more. Participants will learn how these various elements are currently being utilized within their roles and what changes could create a more powerful sense of safety within the organization.

About Aimee Bucher

Aimee Bucher is the Founder & CEO of Harrison Latham, Co-Owner of Lesmon Experience, a travel company for LGBTQ+ women, and the Executive Producer for TEDxFaurotPark in Lima, Ohio. She recently launched Harrison Latham Publishing, a company focused on amplifying marginalized voices. She is an iPEC/ICF certified executive coach and has worked with a wide range of organizations on multiple continents from single-person startups, government agencies, NGOs, and companies including Moderna, Google, Deloitte, bp, United States Air Force, Chevron, IBM, and Jones Lang Lasalle as well as individuals looking to increase their own personal happiness.

Aimee is a professional speaker and international best-selling author. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, Predictive Index, Performance Gap Indicator, and Energy Leadership Index. Aimee holds degrees from Miami University and The Ohio State University and her career has had multiple fun twists and turns. She started her first business at the age of 12. In later years she taught music at the secondary and university levels, owned a web design agency, and served as the Chief Marketing Technologist at a marketing firm. She will tell you she has now found her purpose in this world and that is to create more happiness.

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