Daniela Bertuzzi

Daniela Bertuzzi

Coach & Consultant
Location: Carnate, Italy
Languages: English, Italian

About Daniela

Daniela has 20 years of experience in the all-round management of Human Resources gained in telecommunication and high-tech companies in the role of Human Resources Director in Italy, Southern Europe and Europe. Over the years she has had the opportunity to manage multicultural project groups with teams located all over the world.

Since 2012 she has been working as an Executive Coach, (certification obtained in 2008, PCC accredited with ICF) and Leadership Trainer, supporting organizations and individuals in achieving their business goals through development interventions.

She has solid international knowledge and experience, and multiculturalism is part of her DNA, being of Italian and British nationality and having lived and worked in the USA, Germany and Finland.

She has always worked in fast-paced, complex contexts and with matrix organizations.

Daniela graduated in Languages from the Superior School of Interpreters and Translators in Milan, and in 2023 she graduated in Psychology. In 2009, she was certified as a Professional Counselor at the Psychology Centre.

She speaks English and Italian at mother tongue level.

Industry Experience

  • As a Human Resources Director I have worked in multinational Telecommunications and High Tech companies.
  • As an Executive Coach / Consultant I have worked for multinational Companies in all different types of industries.

Degrees & Certifications

  • 2024 – Certified Map&Match Facilitator – mapandmatch – Paris
  • 2023 – Laurea, Scienze e Tecniche Psicologiche – Milano
  • 2020 – Certified Executive Team Coach – The Coaching Pros – Varese
  • 2022 – PCC Executive Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • 2018 – Certified DiSC® Selection, Coaching, and Training License – Thomas – Milano
  • 2018 – Certified Facet5 Facilitator – Performance Technology Solutions – Milan
  • 2016 – Certified Coach and Leadership Assessment – Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • 2014 – Certified Brief Coach – The Solution Surfers – Milan
  • 2013 – ACC Executive Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • 2009 – Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming – n-Exolution – Milan
  • 2008 – The Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching – Academy of Executive Coaching – Milan
  • 2007 – Certified Professional Consellor – Centro Psicologia – Gorgonzola MI
  • Others: Mindfullness, OPQ – SHL, BLFQ – Giunti

Daniela's Style

I am recognized by my clients as being goals and results-focused with a welcoming and non-judgmental approach, I am feedback-oriented and an excellent active listener, with empathy. I enable growth leveraging on strengths to create a challenging, yet caring, Coaching journey creating the conditions for sustainable growth.

My coaching style is influenced and characterized by Carl Rogers’s five principles, which is what you can expect from me: Empathy, active listening, congruency, suspension of judgement and a positive view of others that the resources are present in the other person

Client Testimonials

“Daniela Bertuzzi is the best example of a participative leaders and coach, she combines expertise in the subject, leadership development and executive coaching. Of her various admirable qualities, her strong leadership, conceptual clarity, cultural sensitivity and her focus on getting results has indeed been inspirational and has brought the best out of me. She is an excellent listener, she helps focus on the goals and she is one who is interested in concrete actions, this makes her an ideal executive Coach. I am delighted to know her and to have worked with her!”

—Raghunath Koduvayur
Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific.

“Daniela is a professional with a valuable experience in Coaching and People Development. Within our collaboration she has demonstrated an high level of competence and a remarkable accuracy, which resulted in a significant development of my Leadership skills. Furthermore, she has shown an impressive effectiveness in teaching the problem solving tools and the communication techniques. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you on my soft skills.”

—Vincenzo Ferrante

“Daniela is a high caliber human resources professional with excellent business credibility. She has very clear way of connecting business and people issues both on a business unit level as well understanding HR implications on the “ground”. She is a highly respected team member and is able to get support for her ideas on many levels in the organization. I see Daniela benefitting any organization that has a dynamic people agenda. I have very much enjoyed working with Daniela and would definitely like to work with her again.”

—Niklas Lindholm
Chief People Officer at Oriola Corporation