Dawn McCoy

Dawn McCoy

Coach & Consultant
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Languages: English

About Dawn

Dawn’s 20+ years of executive level business and human resources experience have helped her develop an understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by today’s leaders. With both municipal government and private sector leadership experience, she is attuned to the difference nuances that accompany leadership roles in different industries. Dawn has been an executive coach for over 8 years and holds a PCC designation with the International Coach Federation.

In addition to her Human Resources coaching and consulting practice, Dawn is a published author of a best selling book, a frequent contributor to business, health and lifestyle magazines and the author of a monthly business column. She is also a skilled facilitator, a sessional University instructor and has designed and taught University level courses in Business and Human Resources. She is also the single mother of 4 young adults, two of whom are on the autism spectrum. Together with her kids and their partners, Dawn makes frequent trips to Disney destinations and loves to travel with her partner to other, less hectic places.

Dawn’s coaching skills, leadership experience and business acumen are combined with a ready smile and easy going personality making it easy for aspiring leaders as well as top level executives to relate to her.

Industry Experience

Public sector — provincial and municipal government, University
Private sector — Construction, Mining, Forestry, Industrial Distribution, Oil & Gas, Consulting, Steel Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace

Degrees & Certifications

  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • Advanced Certificate in Team Coaching
  • Prosci Certified Change Manager and Trainer
  • Certified Workplace Investigator
  • Everything DiSC partner
  • MBA – Organizational Development
  • Bachelor of Arts

Dawn's Style

I am easy to talk to and I am always curious. I have the ability to help clients narrow down the main issue and move towards an action plan by helping them see through the clutter around them.

Client Testimonials

“Dawn blends an easygoing conversational coaching style with keen perception and positive inquiry that clarifies hurdles and accelerates growth. Our conversations are equal measures challenge, creativity, and collaboration, and somehow always refreshing and enjoyable. I have seen noticeable improvements in both my attitude and my performance at work since Dawn became my professional coach, directly resulting in more success and accomplishment.”

— Christopher Read
Director, Yellowhead County

“When you work with Dawn, you are guaranteed a direct, straight forward, pragmatic approach to even the most complex issues. She sifts through issues with a unique screen based on a wealth of expertise and wisdom from years of leadership experience in human resources, organizational development and talent management in a very diverse range of industries. You can expect a coach approach to every conversation that is solution-focused. I have worked with Dawn in many capacities over the years and highly recommend her.”

— Linda Maul
Chief Disruptor, Accountability by Design Inc.

“Dawn McCoy, as Manager of HR, was a key agent of change supporting the transformation of our organization from a quiet, slow growth traditional agricultural community to a broadly competitive, world class organization chosen by major industry and residents. Dawn worked with the senior leadership team and took a Strategic approach in addressing the people aspect of change by helping address key elements of training and development, competencies, health and safety, attendance management, performance management, compensation, reward and recognition and employee engagement delivering a motivated and professional Administration. Dawn also introduced a coaching culture at Sturgeon County, that helped Supervisors, Managers and General Managers develop approaches to leading their business units and to bring out the best from their staff. Dawn is well equipped to help HR and organizational leaders drive change, improvement and performance in municipalities.”

— Peter Tarnawsky
Chief Administrative Officer

“As a Human Resources professional, it can be difficult to navigate through the changes and challenges an organization may go through. Having a coach outside the organization is a critical element for success as you receive professional, unbiased feedback and input. With Dawn’s personal HR experience and involvement at all levels of the organization, it was easy to rely on her expert advice. Dawn is very knowledgeable in the areas of management and behavioral theory and practices and her experience was evident in the level of professional, impartial, and constructive feedback provided. In addition to providing such feedback, she also helps to develop goal-setting strategies and, when needed, training options to consider. Dawn asks thought-provoking and at times hard questions – which helps with defining your personal/professional goals and understanding what your values are and then being able to positively balance that with what the organization’s goals are. You will learn to truly accept what you cannot change and gain greater confidence in taking ownership of what you can change and/or ways to influence change in your organization.”

— Paula Fikkert
Human Resources Professional

“It’s rare to find someone as generous, attentive and helpful as Dawn. I benefitted tremendously from her inspiring coaching sessions and recommended self development resources. They have contributed to my success both at home and work. Dawn’s non-judgemental approach enabled my openness, helped me to identify the source of my challenges and how they impacted my success. I would strongly recommend her as your coach.”

— Jonathan Saah
Surgical Network Analyst at Interior Health Authority