Joelyn Marshall

Joelyne “Joie” Marshall

Coach & Consultant
Location: Chicago, USA
Languages: English

About Joie

I help leaders enhance their leadership skills in the areas of communication, accountability, time management, performance improvement, goal-setting, and execution.

My full name is Joelyne Marshall, but I go by Joie (as in Joey). I have over 30 years of experience in training, professional development, and coaching within a variety of industries. I am certified in coaching through the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

I help my clients make connections within their thoughts to identify awarenesses to move forward. I’m passionate about helping my clients using goals and the nurturing of good habits and behaviors to establish an effective day-to-day operating system where my client can find their success. I help my clients reach beyond the current and into their potential.

I am happily married and have two brilliantly smart step-sons. In my downtime, I enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I like to challenge myself by running and participating in triathlons. I also dabble in photography where I take my fine arts degree for a spin.

Industry Experience

As a consultant I worked in many industries, including: food + beverage, pharma, wireless, financial, healthcare, technology, and franchise.

Degrees & Certifications

  • PCC through the ICF (varying coaching certificates attained for acquiring the credential and continuing education)
  • MBA – emphasis in Training + Development
  • BFA – emphasis in electronic media
  • WOBI – High Performance Teams Masterclass certificate
  • ATD – Improving Human Performance certificate

Joie's Coaching Style

I have heard from some clients that I am trustworthy, a good listener, reliable, among other characteristics.
I describe myself as a clear communicator who works to build trust with each client. I like to get into the “work” with clients but also know establishing rapport and a safe-space are imperative to coaching.
I have a creative, visual background which comes into play as I use analogies and stories to help my clients see their current state and reach beyond to see the possible future state.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Joie over the last several years, both through ATD Chicago and through our coaching relationship. Working with her has empowered me to grow more, and perform better than I ever thought I was capable of. Through her insightful questioning and active listening, she identifies the root of issues and she does this magical thing where she shapes all that you share with her and frames it in a way that you discover together what the issue at hand really is and what you can do about it. She helps you see things through an objective lens and then she empowers you to do all of this through trusting your gut, leaning into your strengths, and accommodating for your opportunity areas. She’s not someone who tells you what to do, but walks with you to help you discover it yourself. In addition to all of this, she is an authentic, thoughtful, creative person and someone I genuinely enjoy being around. She’s added immeasurable value not just to my own personal and professional growth, but to all those she interacts with. Joie will add value to you and/or your company or association too!”

— Maggie Romanovich

“Joie is such a delight to work with! I recruited her services, while working in a leadership position. It was my first time seeking personal coaching and leadership sessions. She provided further perspectives I could use for growth on my full-time job and beyond. Her coaching techniques are very personable, flexible, inspiring, forward yet sensitive. She would ask the most thought-provoking questions to help me mentally dig for the gold. Joie is an asset to executives on any level who want to sharpen their skill-sets. As I achieve my goals or win those awards, I’ll be happy to thank her while standing on the grand stage. Actually, why wait? Big thanks in advance Joie!”

—Derrick Webb

“I am privileged to have worked with and learned from Joie on a variety of internal and client projects. Joie is a consummate learning and performance professional, able to bring structure and sanity to the most complex of situations. Strongly delivery-focused, there is nothing that Joie takes on that is not completed to the highest level of quality. She is able to quickly and clearly unpack and clarify project needs for those she supports on projects, while simultaneously establishing and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders. Additionally, Joie has a keen eye for the aesthetic. I cannot think of anything more one could ask for in a colleague, manager or consultant.”

—Laura Dall

“Joelyne operated the training and support team of the franchise corporate office. It was my experience that Joelyne was the go-to person at the corporate office whenever I needed to solve a unique problem. Her responses were always generous and collaborative. She is the type of person I’d still love on my team for her creativity and optimism. She brings a forward-thinking approach that is contagious. As a franchisee, I found her to be skilled at developing positive personal relationships in this way while at the same time maintaining a professional demeanor to encourage productivity. I can only imagine Joelyne being a highly valuable addition to anyone’s team.”

—Dennis Kelch