Carmela "Mela" Chamberlain

Maria Carmela “Mela” Chamberlain

Coach & Consultant
Location: Tauranga, New Zealand
Languages: English, Tagalog

About Mela

An experienced ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 15 years in coaching and leadership training, Mela is passionate about helping people become their best selves and align their authentic selves to their missions in life and work.

Having a profound interest in psychology, Mela is intrigued by how people’s minds work. She loves to hear their stories, meet them where they are, and help them holistically navigate their ways forward. Her intuitive and curious nature, keen insight, and ability to positively challenge have helped clients achieve their goals and overcome challenges, both personal and professional.

Mela has helped coachees and organizations across various industries increase engagement and productivity. Through the integrated interventions of coaching and training, Mela encourages development and growth in mindsets, behaviors, competencies, and processes. Her informal style allows her to easily connect with participants of diverse backgrounds. She successfully creates safe and judgement-free spaces where clients freely express their greatest vulnerabilities.

Mela works with C-Suite and Senior Leaders and is also effective with more senior managers preparing for larger roles.

Industry Experience

I’ve served clients in the Financial services industry, banking, pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, Engineering, External Auditors, Insurance, manufacturing, and many others.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Professional Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Management Consultant CMC®
  • Candidate, Team Coaching Certification
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Mela's Style

Generally, I try to promote a relaxed atmosphere. I am conversational and coach-like in approach, seeking to understand what the client needs, both spoken and unspoken. I ask a lot of questions to fully appreciate the context and perspectives of the client.

Client Testimonials

“Very helpful to my career aspirations. Mela possesses strong questioning skills; she does not offer opinions but rather asks questions to help me understand the issue at hand. She makes me feel safe so I can share my thoughts and views without reservation.”

—Maricel A.

”Mela has been an excellent coach. She is always encouraging, nurturing and insightful. Our sessions always run smoothly and with intent, allowing me to set the agenda while guiding me through getting what I needed from my coaching. She creates an atmosphere where I feel safe to talk about my insecurities and weaknesses. She is able to maintain this while being open and honest in challenging my perspectives, allowing me to be accountable too for my own growth. She gives me the space to explore different ideas and perspectives about situations as well as empathize with every stakeholder involved. I am always excited to go to every session and I felt that I grew after every single one…“

—Angel J.

”…my series of sessions with Mela opened me up to a new perspective and I’m still reaping the fruits of this productive engagement. I have been feeling more relaxed these days, yet at the same accomplishing more. I am truly grateful for the experience…“

—Joyce B.