Miguel Figuerdo

Miguel Figueiredo

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Languages: English, Portuguese

About Miguel

Miguel helps companies unleashing an Elite Team Dynamic by instilling effective communication styles, a coach based leadership style ,and a Culture of Well Being and Fulfilment.

He does so, by setting up extremely practical training programs, where he merges coaching tools with behavioural science, in order to achieve and sustain positive change that is recognised and acknowledged by others.

Miguel is a highly accomplished business and thought leader with +30 years of experience in strategic thinking, innovation, communication and team management, Miguel has successfully led national and international organisations through mergers and acquisitions, and emerged as a highly sought after business coach, mentor and keynote speaker with focus areas in Leadership, Successful Happiness and interpersonal communication.

Miguel has a very diversified career that moved from working in big national and multinational companies such as Sonae and Unilever, to creating his own company, Excentric, a renowned digital marketing agency, that later merged with Young&Rubicam Network thus becoming one of the strongest Advertising agencies in Portugal. After selling his position to WPP group, he is now following one dream: helping others to become the best version of themselves, through Coaching, Mentoring, training and Keynote Speaking.

He is also the Director for the executive Master in Leadership development, and professor at Universidade Católica.

Industry Experience

  • FMCG
  • Telecom, Media and Advertising
  • Tech
  • Education

Degrees & Certifications

  • Miguel has majored in Business Management at Universidade Católica, one of the top50 universities of the world and has several post graduations by London Business school, IMD Switzerland, EPG oPorto and Universidade Nova Lisbon, on Innovation, communication skills and leadership.
  • He is a PCC coach by ICF, with additional training in Science of Happiness, by the Berkeley University, Management of emotions and micro-expressions by the Paul Ekman International Institute, and in Neurolinguistic Programming with John Grinder himself.
  • Additionally, he has trained with some of the most admired coaches in the world, like David Goldsmith, David Peterson and Fred Kofman.
  • He is also a Certified Trainer in DISC assessment.

Miguel's Style

Personal development is about discovering what you need to do in order to achieve your goals and then be able to make behavioural changes that actually allow you to implement the desired plan. All these without loosing track of who you are. Because, achieving goals shouldn’t imply changing yourself. It should mean reaching out to the best IN you. In order for that to happen we will work at three levels: Beliefs system, Will power, and behaviour. My strong point as a coach/trainer is to provide you the necessary calmness, confidence, safety and hope that will help you do the work, at an incredible and effective pace.

Client Testimonials

“Miguel is an excellent trainer and a natural keynote speaker. He has the power to easily draw people’s attention not just by his profound knowledge but also by the way he expresses it. In the training sessions he engages the audience and sets a highly interactive environment.”

“Miguel combines strategic thinking with a unique set of communication skills, which allows him to sense what needs to be fixed, in both people and the organisation, and then deliver change with excellency. He is a natural born leader and knows how to harness a team’s full potential.”

“Miguel has insights and an intuition that, combined with his professional experience in leading people and businesses makes him an outstanding Trainer. Miguel has the ability to help others fly high in both their personal and professional life.”