Rachelle Huddleston

Rachelle Huddleston

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Languages: English

About Rachelle

Rachelle is a professional credentialed coach (PCC) and a licensed clinical psychotherapist with a strong background in behavioral health leadership and organizational change. A graduate of Coach U, Rachelle earned her PCC through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2013. She has served as President of both the ICF Arizona Chapter, and as President of the ICF Heartland Chapter. She continues to serve on the ICF Heartland Board. In 2021 she wrote and published a self-coaching book for professionals entitled, “Five Minutes to Inspired Action and Results” available on Amazon.

Industry Experience

Rachelle has extensive experience in behavioral healthcare as a therapist, manager and director. As a coach, she has worked with executives and professionals, from financial advisors to leadership in small companies and health organizations. She enjoys coaching professionals who want to downsize chaos and increase results, both personally and professionally.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology – Pittsburg State University
  • Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) International Coaching Federation
  • Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist – Kansas
  • Certified Trainer – Coach U’s Coaching Clinic for Leaders
  • Certified Trainer – Personality Dimensions and True Colors

Rachelle's Style

Rachelle brings insight, energy, and compassion to her work. She stands with her clients, both individual and corporate, to shift possibilities into achievable realities. Her unassuming and comfortable demeanor paves the way for an engaging and provocative exploration of her clients’ goals, dreams, and aspirations. She understands the dynamics of human relationships, whether in the corporate or non-profit world, or in our personal lives, and brings her highly developed skills as a coach to help unravel the seemingly complex into straight-forward thinking and action.

Rachelle’s mission is to support others on a path to greatness. It is her belief that greatness already exists in each of us, yet it needs to be released, encouraged, and curated to be expressed fully. This comes through in the coaching process. Rachelle takes a stand for her clients. She brings a new view to issues, turning perceived obstacles into new opportunities that lead to better results. Rachelle looks forward to each coaching session because she understands that there is greatness in you! Working together, you can achieve what your mind can envision.

Client Testimonials

“When I met Rachelle, my gross production was in the low-to-mid-6 figures. Now, I’m in the top 10% of my firm’s producers; my client experience indicator score is in the top 10%, and I’d say judging by my conversations with my colleagues, my inner-peace and joy is in the top 10% as well. I credit Rachelle with so much of this success. She continually challenges me to think outside the box when I might be stuck in the box. She encourages me to stay true to my inner wisdom when the world is pushing me in places I know just won’t fit with my dreams and goals for my life long-term. Through our work, I’ve discovered a path where my values and goals are in alignment, creating more peace and joy, while continuing to grow my business.”

— Kevin M.
Financial Advisor

“Rachelle was an amazing professional coach! She was so easy to connect with. She took me on an awesome journey and I feel invigorated after working together. She helped me pick up ideas and goals that were important to me that I had become too busy for. Thanks Rachelle for helping me find new motivation. I highly recommend her.”

— Jenny Brandt
Director of Early Care and Education

“I have know Rachelle Huddleston, PCC, for many years. What I love about Rachelle is her calm demeanor, clear leadership and inclusiveness as she works with others – be it clients, fellow coaches or friends. I do not make recommendations lightly and have full confidence in Rachelle and highly recommend her services. She is a delight to work with, is committed to excellence and fully delivers in all that she does.”

— Maureen Purcell, PCC, MSOD