While any of our signature programs can be customized, sometimes your organization’s challenges require an entirely unique approach. You have problems that can’t be solved by an out-of-the-box solution. 

Fully Customizable Programs to Meet Your Exact Needs

Custom Strategies

Whether your challenges lie with engagement, productivity, retention, hiring, or a combination of factors, you need to drill down to the source of the problems. You need to know the root of the issue to know which strategic solutions will solve the problems on a large-scale, ongoing basis. We can help.

Custom Problems Need Custom Solutions

Oftentimes, leaders know there are problems and they have a pretty good idea along with some data that points to the source of the problems. But there are loads of obstacles that get in the way. Maybe you don’t have the internal resources to address the issues adequately. Maybe there is disagreement about where to start and what to address. Maybe the org has been so focused on other things that this particular set of problems has grown and festered in the background and now you have a giant mess that seems impossible to clean up.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t need help right now.

Whatever your particular situation, you need a way to clearly define and quantify the challenges so that a sensible, custom strategy can be developed to address those challenges with long-lasting results. You don’t need another consultant selling another flash-in-the-pan program. You need solutions that keep the vision and goals of the company in primary focus while solving the blocks and problems in the way.

Harrison Latham specializes in figuring out the root of the problems and bringing  strategic solutions that fully align with the org’s vision and mission. Our custom programs solve the custom problems you’re experiencing.

Custom Program Process


Everything starts with discovery. To kickoff, we have a meeting with all the key players in the room (or on the zoom.) We use this meeting to understand the scope of the issues as well as the various perspectives of what the most pressing issues are.

After the initial meeting, we’ll provide a discovery strategy. Discoveries almost always include a large scale survey alongside 1:1 interviews with previously identified key people. We’ll recommend other components for the discovery as determined by the initial meeting.

Discovery Review

Once we’ve completed the discovery, we’ll meet again with all the key players to review the results and findings. We’ll provide a written report that outlines exactly where the problem(s) lie and what we’ve learned about them.

The second half of the Discovery Review is all about solutions. We’ll give you a strategy for getting from where you are currently to where you want to be.

Sometimes, an organization has all of the internal resources to take the strategy and fully implement it. Frequently, companies need external resources to get where they need to go and Harrison Latham is always more than happy to provide those external resources and guidance. Our ultimate goal is to help companies become healthier and happier in whatever ways make the most sense!

You Have Challenges

We Have Solutions

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