“Aimee gave a blockbuster presentation today. In 40 years of Governance and Business Transactions practice with clients of all sizes and locations, Aimee’s method of putting across so many crucial points is THE best I’ve seen.”

Ted Ramirez Attorney, Corporate Governance and Business Transactions

About Aimee Bucher

Aimee Bucher speaks to audiences all over the world about increasing systemic happiness. Aimee works with a wide range of organizations from single-person startups to established Fortune 500 companies as well as educational institutions and non-profits.

Audiences are energized and enthusiastic after listening to Aimee present. A seasoned leader and speaker, she brings her subject matters to life in relatable and practical ways with a dash of fun and laughter. People find her speeches and workshops powerful and easy to translate into business results.

Aimee Bucher is:

  • CEO & Founder of Harrison Latham
  • International Best-Selling Author
  • TEDx Speaker
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach

Aimee holds degrees from Miami University and The Ohio State University. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, Predictive Index, Performance Gap Indicator, and Energy Leadership.

In addition to her work, Aimee is a classically trained pianist, mother of four amazing children, professional actress, and founder of the improv group: #SorryNotSorry.

Aimee Bucher is a Featured Co-Author in the #1 Amazon International Best Seller, Cracking the Rich Code.


What Actually Happens When a Company Focuses on Employee Happiness? 

What do you think actually happens when a company focuses on employee happiness? You might be surprised! Aimee Bucher brings fascinating data and compelling stories that demonstrate the transformational power of creating systemic happiness in our organizations and companies. Audiences leave with a newfound appreciation for the power of happiness along with practical ideas they can implement immediately in their organizations. 

Using the Principles of Ancient Polynesian Wayfinding to Create a Culture of Happiness 

The ancient Polynesians successfully traversed the Pacific Ocean to create their own cultures on far away islands. We aren’t crossing oceans, but establishing or shifting a culture to create happiness for every person who comes in contact with our companies can be equally difficult. Aimee Bucher uses the guidance provided by Polynesian Wayfinders to show the steps necessary to transform your culture into one that ensures employee happiness and business success. 

Creating a Better World Through Systemic Happiness 

We hear a lot about systemic problems, but what about systemic solutions? What happens when we understand and focus on systemic happiness as a root for building society and enacting policies? Aimee Bucher brings a vision and practical steps for both leaders and individuals to transform societies and create lasting systemic happiness. 

“Aimee is very creative, detail oriented and highly focused. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Aimee!” 

Shelly Hinegardner Manager, eCommerce Technical Delivery and Integrations, Fortune 500 Technology Company


“Aimee is not only extremely intelligent but also has the rare gift to share her knowledge in a very relatable manner— often with a great sense of humor. She constantly impresses with her ability to identify big picture strategy as well as the necessary tactics to ensure success. Aimee’s confidence, positivity and enthusiasm are infectious and make her a stand out in her field.” 

Lisa Davidson, Manufacturing Training Supervisor, Crown Equipment Corporation 

Creating a Culture of Happiness 

Whether you’re a start up founder or the leader of an established company, creating and maintaining the vision for your company’s culture is arguably the most important thing you do. Your organization’s culture is one of the largest factors in determining the success of your business. 

The ancient Polynesian Wayfinders provided a blueprint we can use to establish a new, exciting cultural vision and the steps necessary to make that vision reality. 

In this fun, interactive, and powerful workshop Aimee will show how you can use wayfinding principles to guide the culture transformation process to ensure employee happiness and ultimately, business success. Participants in this workshop get the practical steps to create a culture of happiness no matter what the current level of their organization. 

Workshop Agenda – Full Day or Half Day 

Deciding to Take the Journey — What are the practical steps that need to be taken to get everyone ready for culture change? We will look at the proven methods for preparing your organization for a successful journey. 

Orientation — You have to know where you are before you can figure out how to get where you want to go. We’ll walk through the steps of honestly assessing your current culture and strategy. 

Setting a Course Strategy — We’ll determine where you want to go, how you’ll get there, and what challenges you’ll need to address on the way. 

Route Monitoring — You need to know how to track your route along the way. We’ll look at the surest signs of success as well as warning signs you’re off course. We’ll discuss how you can develop systems for ongoing monitoring of your success. 

Destination Recognition — We will determine how you can measure success so you’ll know for certain when you’ve arrived. We’ll discuss how you continue to maintain the culture of happiness you’ve worked so hard to create. 

Develop Your Leadership Vision through the Power of Emotional Intelligence 

As a leader, you cannot overestimate the importance of your emotional intelligence and maturity. Emotional intelligence (EI) is self awareness and management along with social awareness and management. Having a clear understanding of your emotional intelligence levels and the steps to improve those levels is a super power. Ninety-five percent of people think they are self aware, but data shows us that only 15% actually are. 

In this workshop, Aimee Bucher breaks down the steps necessary to understand your emotional intelligence levels and provides the tools you need to improve. Participants leave this workshop with a massively increased understanding of themselves and the people around them as well as ways to redefine their leadership, their vision, and how to implement lasting, visionary change. 

Workshop Agenda – Full Day or Half Day 

Overview – Understanding the elements of emotional intelligence, your own personal levels, and how your leadership is impacted both negatively and positively by your EI. 

Self Awareness – In depth discovery to understand and develop your self awareness. Practical exercises that will improve your leadership style. 

Self Management – In depth discovery to understand and develop your self management. Tools and daily habits that will help you continually improve. 

Social Awareness – In depth discovery to understand and develop your social awareness. Practical exercises that will improve your leadership style. 

Social Management – In depth discovery to understand and develop your social management. Tools and daily habits that will help you continually improve. 

Visionary Leadership – Wrapping it all up to create a compelling vision for yourself and how you lead the people around you. 

“Aimee, you did a great job presenting today and I have had numerous positive comments on your talk. THANK YOU!” 

William C. Lindahl, PhD Retired Colonel, US Air Force

Aimee Speaking to the Beavercreek, Ohio Rotary Club

“Aimee is the perfect person to present on organizational culture. She embodies happiness and cultivates it through what she has created in her work and her own company. Her passion and compassion make it impossible not to want what she has to offer. Her extensive research and experience makes her an authority on the subject, and in an environment where we need happiness now more than ever, Aimee delivers. Highly recommended.” 

Jodi McDermitt, Career Consultant & Author

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