Our Founder, Aimee Bucher

Aimee Bucher, Founder & CEO, Harrison LathamAimee Bucher is the visionary and founder behind Harrison Latham. She is our fearless leader and CEO.

Aimee is a professional speaker, international best-selling author, and iPEC / ICF certified coach. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, Predictive Index, Performance Gap Indicator, and Energy Leadership Index. She works with a wide range of organizations from single-person startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies as well as individuals looking to increase their own personal happiness.

In addition to leading Harrison Latham, Aimee is the Executive Producer for TEDxFaurotPark, Co-Owner of Lesmon Experience, and serves as a mentor in the Lima City Schools.

Aimee holds degrees from Miami University and The Ohio State University and her career has had multiple fun twists and turns. She started her first business, teaching piano lessons, at the age of 12. In later years she taught music at the high school and university levels, owned a web design agency, worked as the communications manager for a non-profit, and served as an agency’s Chief Marketing Technologist. She will tell you she has now found her purpose in this world and that is to create more happiness.

Aimee is a classically trained pianist, mother of five amazing kids ages 15-24, professional actress, social justice volunteer, and founder of the improv group: #SorryNotSorry.

Connect with Aimee!

LinkedIn: aimeebucher

Facebook: aimeebuch

Instagram: @aimeebucher